Welcome to Work Week

15 May 2006
11:35 AM

I started my routine work week here in Chile over two months ago. Despite the fact that readers are probably most interested in what I do here (as opposed to my water heater or washing machine), I have written very little on that subject.

That ends this week. In a display of the Internet mirroring the real world, I have written articles about each of my jobs which will be published here throughout the week, at the time that I will be doing them. Tuesday at 4:30pm you can read about my misadventures with girls at the group foster home while I am misadventuring. Wednesday morning you can read about me teaching English to high schoolers just when I am explaining the difference between “do” and “does” and the incongruence of verb tenses between English and Spanish. And so it will go through Friday.

Don’t worry, though—I’ll exercise some restraint and refrain from digitizing my entire life. Some people’s lives are so interesting that you want to read about every breath, step, and baby shower ultrasound machine gift that happens. And mine is, well, not.